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TurboGen develops high-efficiency multifuel CCHP systems with a vision of becoming the world leading provider of on-site green (net-zero) energy for buildings. Our systems outperform current solutions' electric efficiency enabling fast ROI, lower building emissions and peak shaving for utilities. Based on proprietary jet-propulsion technology, the compact and modular design results in low installation and maintenance costs.


Our team consists of scientists and entrepreneurs’ with a passion for solving the biggest environmental challenge: reduce emission from buildings

Yaron Gilboa


40 years experience leading Business, R&D and Operations. Former VP Business Development Ashot Ashkelon. Former President and CEO US water filtration company. Israeli Naval Academy graduated (Submarine Officer & Chief Engineer). BSc. mechanical engineering.

Ori Beck

VP Operations

Experienced mechanical engineer. Led professional engineering, development and integration teams. Head of the Propulsion Systems Engineering Department, Israel Navy. BSc. mechanical engineering.

Prof. David Lior


Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the Technion. Decades of experience in operations, R&D & more. Previously served as the Managing Director of Carmo, Deputy Managing Director of Ashot Ashkelon & Technical Director of Beit Shemesh Engines.

Dan Katz

Head of manufacturing

Experienced in engineering, operations, QA biz dev. Managed >500 Employees & M$100/A Company in Israel & USA. Chairman & President of Manufacturing and Engineering Companies.

Dr. Dror Yeger

VP Business Development

15 Experienced in launching high-tech firms. Expertise in business modeling, strategic partnerships building and go-to market. MBA, Technion. PhD, Grenoble Ecole de Management.

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